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Friday, April 22, 2016

Holidaying in Delhi – Summer Vacation

New Delhi, the capital of India, has always been a city that has been regarded as one of the most popular place for tourists not only in India but also in the world and one of the primary reasons for that is the fact that Delhi as a city has such a rich history that people all over the world flock to the city in droves in order to take a closer look at the famous monuments. Every year thousands upon thousands of people come to the city at different times of the year for a variety of reasons and it is not always because of the incredible array of places to see in Delhi that the city has become such a huge tourist hotbed.

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Delhi is also regarded as one of the world’s foremost destinations as far as luxury tourism is concerned and over the years, the number of establishments offering people with luxury package tours has increased by a large percentage. One must remember that the disposable incomes in India has also increased at a breakneck pace over the past decade or so and hence it is not really surprise to see people in the country spending huge amounts of money on luxury tourism.   

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Hotels in Delhi

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