Friday, August 17, 2012

Advantages of Hotels located in Central Delhi

Delhi, being the capital of a culturally diverse as well as commercially important country India, has more to it than most can even absorb! And this can elucidated by the city which is celebrating 100 years of being the capital of the country has seen almost no one who has seen every part of it. Though the city is the major connecting point of most travelers-both domestic as well as international there are just a few selected parts of the city that are throne by millions of visitors. One such part and essentially the most conveniently located is the central part which comprises of the places such as Connaught Place, Karol Bagh among others which are just a stone's toss away from a variety of touristy places c consisting of cultural and religious attractions of the city.

The best part of any Hotel in Central Delhi is its proximity to the most loved markets and shopping havens like Karol Bagh and Connaught Place, which have a unique amalgamation of traditional values with modern amenities that give a value worth every dime spent by the visitors. The markets of Karol Bagh are just enough to keep one busy whole day! The phrase ‘shop till you drop’ perfectly matches performance the place. The market which is stylishly embellished with shops and malls from various sectors provides a rare glimpse of artistic craft work from a large variety of places of the country. Being a Hotel near Connaught Place, our USP lies in the fact that we strive to give best facilities in the same sector where others fail comfort, elegance, and propinquity to major tourist attractions.

Delhi has been famous for providing a shopping extravaganza for all its visitors since times immemorial. Be it about handicrafts, traditional jewelry, or latest fashionable goods; the central part of the city has it all. For those who keep coming to the city always find it intriguing as the first timers since the ever developing infrastructure keeps everyone in awe. As any Hotel in west Delhi is incomplete without providing any new tourist attraction to the guests, we constantly make every effort to tell our guests about the new happenings and places to visit in Delhi. With get different markets for various products/ industries literally in the city, the options are galore to explored.Just a stone's throw away from a plethora of cultural, religious and other tourist attractions like famous market of Connaught Place, our boutique hotel in Delhi has a unique combination of traditional values and modern living that gives all the guests a value for money.

As the famous old Delhi markets like Chandni Chowk and Sadar Bazaar are also near to most of the Hotels near Connaught Place as well as many Hotels in Central Delhi, the eternal satisfaction of getting the best products within a close is indelible. This makes the central part of the city more accessible to these wonderful market places. And among these reasons, the ever-growing infrastructure of the region also makes it perfect to open new Hotels in west Delhi to cater to a large tourist fraternity. So why not come and enjoy the traditional look of the City with urban lenses?!

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